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Charlie Davidson
Charlie Davidson


Davidson trained at West Surrey College of Art & Design and Birmingham Polytechnic. On graduation in 1993, he presented a collection of his colourful and carefully engineered work at the New Designers show in London, which prompted the Danish toy company Lego to employ him as a creative visionary, on an open freelance contract.

In the same year, he moved to East London where he established a series of studio workshops in partnership with other young designers. He expanded his creative repertoire, working as an art director and set designer on high-profile television shows and commercials, while continuing to develop his own product designs and travelling extensively.

In 1996, Davidson set about designing a new lounge chair, under the title of the Lander Project. The word ‘lander’ was chosen to convey the sense of strangeness and anticipation surrounding the arrival of a new and exotic object - like the first touchdown of a craft from outer space. The project ultimately spawned a series of futuristic and technically demanding chairs based on shark-like forms, jet fighters and classic British sports cars.

The Lander Project was launched at the 2002 Designers Block show in London. Exhibits included the Lander C-type, the Lander A-10 and, in pole position, the A-10 Buck, constructed from laser-cut MDF as a homage to the hand-built sports cars of the 1960s.

Towards the end of 2002, Davidson turned his attention to lighting design, office interiors and public seating. He produced the Felix Lighter lamp, which was shortlisted for the 2003 Peugeot Design Award, following this in 2004 with the Silkworm bench. These products were launched at the Designers Block and Hidden Art shows in Milan 2004.

Throughout this period, an idea had been forming for a new furniture piece - a little stool with character. The concept soon emerged from the sketchbook in a string of evolving prototypes. The addition of some little wheels injected mobility, giving birth to the Wheeler stool and what ARTRAVEL magazine described as “Rock and Roll design”. -Test-molded Wheelers were showcased during the London and Tokyo Design weeks in 2004, closely followed by fifteen individually-decorated models at Milan in 2005. By the end of the year Wheeler exhibitions had become interactive, playful experiences. Visitors watched animated movies of Wheelers in action and were then invited to try out one of these quirky creatures for themselves, riding them down ramps specially constructed within the exhibition space.

More recent projects have included a variety of interactive design installations and interiors, commissioned by the D&AD award-winning design company AllofUs.

Davidson’s work has been noted for its distinctive sculptural quality, which he combines with highly creative conceptual thinking and keen technical analysis. His design approach is perhaps best described as ‘über engineering’ - utilising advanced materials and processes to transform even the most nebulous of concepts into fully realised, functional and beautiful products.


-  Salone Satellite Milanob 2006
-  On/Off Design Seoul 2005
-  Designers Week Tokyo 2005
-  Design-UK London 2005
-  Designers Block Milan, Frankfurt and London 2005
-  Designers Block Tokyo 2004
-  Design-UK London 2004
-  Architectural Biennale London 2004
-  Designers Block Milan & London 2004
-  Designers Block London, Tokyo & Seoul 2002


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