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“Something of the maker...” is the spring launch of fly-pitcher’s new collection of work inspired by the same digital manufacturing technology; showing in Milan at the Salone Satellite.

fly-pitcher is a multi disciplinary design practice specialising in experimental material, research and process based design. Recent work explores technologies usually used by the aerospace industries to produce unique and small batches of products from clocks to larger bespoke pieces of furniture and interiors. By working closely with manufacturers unique pieces can be fabricated or reproduced with slight variations to suit the client, thus manufactured on demand.

‘dimvar’*... is an installation of abstract elements fabricated in thermoformed Corian. Reminiscent of early computer games and computer generated virtual environments, the software used by fly-pitcher to design this 3d model for manufacture is the same used in the design of these games. Equally, the shapes are suggestive of the process of bespoke manufacturing, and fashioned as much by the limits of the medium, ie: sheet size and strength to weight ratios. Here, the possibilities are endless for user interpretation with infinite compositions suggesting function as shelving or seating.

3d faces are faithfully translated into objects by the fabricator from CAD data, through cutting of the sheet material with computer numerically controlled technology CNC.

This is fly-Pitcher’s third exhibition in Milan in four years, new work has been made in collaboration with Corian, Cutting Edge UK and Instrument Glasses.


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